’06 – News & Accomplishments



June, 2020

OUTCAST ’06 – Russell takes 2nd place in the USA Softball National Qualifier at Rowe Sports Complex!

Rowe 2nd Place

June, 2019

OUTCAST ’06 – Russell with the 3rd place finish in the USSSA State Tournament!

Russell - USSSA Class C 3rd

June, 2019

OUTCAST ’06 – Russell finished 2nd place in the Gene Harvey Memorial Tournament

Russell - Gene Harvey 2nd Place 2019

September, 2018

OUTCAST ’06 – Russell crowned CHAMPS at Rowe Sports Complex in Middletown.  This team played hard all weekend and came out on top!!

outcast 062


June, 2018

These girls worked hard on the ball field this weekend to work their way from the bottom of the bracket (including knocking off the #1 seed) to finish 3rd place at the Ohio State Class C Championships. 1 game w/ only one error & 2 games w/ NO ERRORS, at least 3 double plays, players hustling & diving for balls, hitting balls & finding a way to get on base, strong pitching & catching… Way to go OUTCAST!
Class C Championships 3rd

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