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2001 – The Pink Team
The first year of tournament play by future OUTCASTfastpitch players. This was an All Star Coach Pitch team of EKRC players, coached by future OUTCAST founder Casey Breeze, with help from Chuck Walk and Papa Breeze. Made up of girls mostly younger than their opponents , this team fought hard to gain the experience necessary while showing the sportsmanship for which OUTCASTfastpitch is widely known


2002 – The Firecats!
In 2002 the Pink Team became the Firecats!
A mixture of the 2 main sports organizations in Kettering, the Firebirds and the Wildcats.
Again the team is made up of coach pitch all star players from EKRC.
This year more coaches are added and a number of future college players are on the roster:
Jessie Walk – Univ of Rio Grande
Ashley Wright – Wittenberg
Sierra Breeze – Sinclair
Taylor Vanwinkle – Lincoln Memorial
Kat Hopf – Univ of Cumberlands


2003 – Firecats Continue
As with the previous two years, the EKRC All Stars continue competing and improving. Again, coached by Casey, Papa & Rhonda Breeze with help from Todd Hopf.

Many names from this team will be familiar even in 2013, as players come back to the OUTCASTfastpitch organization. Many players improved greatly and begin to shine as both players and leaders on the field.


2004 – Firecats continue
2003 continues on as an EKRC All Star team, different uniforms but with a lot of the same girls. Casey Breeze along with Papa Breeze continue to coach with help from Rhonda Breeze and Todd Hopf.

This season continues the trend of success by doing very well at a number of tournaments and the retention of key players.


2005 – Firebirds!!
2005 Begins a new year and a new mascot, switching to the Firebirds, the main team now in Kettering for youth sports and the school system. There also are 2 teams, the younger coached again by Casey Breeze but also future OUTCASTfastpitch founder Bob Deen. The seed for OUTCASTfastpitch has been planted!!


2006 – Firebirds Continue
2006 will be a jump up to an older age group and the last year of All Star affiliation with EKRC. The teams both do very well, with the 14u team coached by Dwayne Lee, winning the Miamisburg tournament. The first win by an EKRC softball team in it’s history. The younger team is again coached by OUTCASTfastpitch founders Bob Deen and Casey Breeze.


2007 – Yellowjackets
In 2007, OUTCASTfastpitch founders Casey Breeze and Bob Deen take over the Yellowjacket 12u program. This teams boasts a number of future high school stars and college players.

This represents the first venture into true travel/select softball and proves to be an eye opening experience.

Although successful, Casey and Bob know they can do better on their own. At the end of the 2007 summer season, OUTCASTfastpitch is born!!

Yellow Jackets

2008 – OUTCASTfastpitch is born!!

Bob Deen, Casey Breeze and Todd Hopf meet after their 2007 seasons are completed and agree to form their own select fastpitch team. After deliberations, OUTCASTfastpitch is chosen for the name and the famous 7 color logo and teal colors that forever represent
OUTCASTfastpitch are settled upon.


The initial tryouts far surpassed expectations and the team was quickly chosen and began their season with Fall league competition roughly six weeks after deciding to form the team! The founders of OUTCASTfastpitch stress the fundamentals of the game, sportsmanship and above all else, The Love of the GAME!! The inaugural season is a success beyond all expectations and OUTCASTfastpitch quickly earns a reputation for fair play and dedication to the players and families. Of the 12 girls on the inaugural team, 6 will go on to play softball in college. Note on some of the pictures, the players and coaches are indoors wearing reindeer antlers. The team visited Crossroads Hospice and assembled Holiday crafts to distribute to patients for the holiday season. Part of the OUTCASTfastpitch experience would include bettering not just the player, but the person as well.


2009 – OUTCASTfastpitch
2009 expands on the success of the 2008 season with another incredible response to tryouts for the 2009 season. OUTCASTfastpitch doubles its size with a 14u team coached by Bob Deen, Casey Breeze and Bill Stewart and a 16u team coached by Todd Hopf, with Eric Patterson, Virgil Wiley, Brian Liebrock and John McLemore. Both teams are successful both on and off the field. The teams again visit Crossroads Hospice, assembling gifts for hospice patients with some of the 16u team delivering many of the gifts. This year also offered a marked increase in competition for both teams.


2010 – OUTCASTfastpitch
With the success of 2009, there is growing demand for OUTCASTfastpitch resulting in three teams created for the 2010 season. OUTCASTfastpitch continues its presence in the 14u age group with a new team coached by Kyle Eggert. Last’s year’s 14u team moves up to 16u, coached again by Bob Deen, Casey Breeze and Bill Stewart. Last year’s 16u team moves up to 18u and is coached by Eric Patterson with help from Virgil Wiley and Brian Leibrock.

The OUTCASTfastpitch organization overcomes some growing pains and all three teams put together very strong showings all season. The ranks of OUTCASTfastpitch have tripled in just 2 short years and OUTCASTfastpitch has been able to maintain the same philosophy and reputation from the day it was founded.


2011 – OUTCASTfastpitch
Although a successful season, 2010 also represented a big change in the fastpitch arena. This resulted in a number of other opportunities for players and coupled with many players aging out of the 18u division, OUTCASTfastpitch became a single team organization once again. Undaunted, Bob Deen and Casey Breeze continued with their second year 16u team, retaining most of their players from 2010 season. Yet again, OUTCASTfastpitch found success despite adversity. Tryouts for the 2012 season were successful with two core players coming back to the organization after a short hiatus, creating high expectations for the 2012 season.


OUTCASTfastpitch Today!

Today OUTCASTfastpitch is a dynamic organization with multiple teams across multiple age groups.  We have been able to stay true to our core values and mission of teaching the fundamentals of the game, sportsmanship and above all else, The Love of the GAME!!  Our teams have enjoyed success at all levels while coaches focus on a player first/team first approach.  The organization has had many girls go on to play softball at the collegiate level and expect to create many more college athletes in the future.